Growth continues – Arto Uusikangas begins as a software developer!

Growth continues in line with increased demand of services within system development/integration at our customers. Latest addition is the developer Arto Uusikangas. Mainly Arto will work on delivering services/solutions within system development and integration to solve our customers needs.  Arto has roughly ten years of experience with system development.

”Arto as well as the rest of us in Connect Companies are driven by a close cooperation with our customers to cope with changes better than others. His deep experience in SQL, XML/XSLT, PHP, Java etc. combined with operational experience both in production and trade will bring our customers great benefit and joy. The need to link different companies business transactions as well as within your own company increases all the time. It’s a neccessary part to lower lead times and lower costs. We are very excited about this addition to our team.”, says business developer Martin Lagerqvist.